Proof Theory: A selection of papers from the Leeds Proof by Peter Aczel, Harold Simmons, Stanley S. Wainer PDF

By Peter Aczel, Harold Simmons, Stanley S. Wainer

This paintings is derived from the SERC "Logic for IT" summer time college convention on evidence conception held at Leeds collage. The contributions come from said specialists and contain expository and study articles which shape a useful creation to facts concept geared toward either mathematicians and laptop scientists.

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Ensures that a search tree in which every path contains an axiom is well-founded. Since the clauses (/\) and (V) are inverse to the corresponding rules in the definition of F A , an easy induction along Se:. (taking into account that w1 is a regular ordinal) shows: Lem ma 14 (Syntactical Main Lemma) If A is a finite sequence of Cw1 (X, Y, . ) formulas such that every path in the search tree Se:. contains an axiom, then there is an ordinal a < w1 such that F A . ­ The semantical counterpart of Lemma 14 is given by the following lemma.

An) which "witness" existential theorems of logic. Program synthesis is concerned with this process, but in the more general context of applied logics such as Formal (Peano) Arithmetic PA. PA can be formalized in PC by adding a distinguished constant 0 and function symbol S (successor), together with additional non-logical axioms defining given "elementary" relations and functions. , A(x),A(Sx) I', A(y) WAINER & WALLEN: Basic proof theory 23 where x is not free in r and y may be any term. i formulas: - where B is quantifier-free or, at worst, contains only "bounded" universal quantifiers.

C I- B Weakenings. ' I- B In (VI) and (3E) the variable z must not appear free in the conclusion. Figure 2: Gentzen's system LJ. 22 WAINER & WALLEN: Basic proof theory We can no longer guarantee that in a cut-free derivation I- B in LK, the last rule applied is a logical one. It might just as well have been a contraction from I- B, B, etc. Thus, for example, the Existence Property is lost in classical logic, and gets replaced by versions of Herbrand's Theorem. From LK to PC. The system PC of classical predicate logic used in §1 is really a simplified version of LK and is easily obtained from it as follows: 1.

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