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By Martin Breunig

This ebook provides a version for the mixing of spatial info for 3D Geo-Information structures (3D-GISs). Former Geo-Information platforms are limited to 2nd area. They execute the combination of spatial details through conversion of vector and raster representations. This, notwithstanding, results in conceptual problems end result of the completely different paradigms. After an advent to the historical past and structure of Geo-Information structures this ebook examines spatial representations in 2nd and 3D house relating to their suitability in 3D-GISs. A three-level inspiration of area serves as a foundation of a version for the combination of spatial details. It likewise takes under consideration the geometry, metrics and the topology of geo-objects.

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1 tetrahedron as faces (see also fig. 3). Thus a 4-dimensional simplex has 5 nodes, 10 edges, 10 triangles and 5 tetrahedra as faces. Fig. 3 a) 3-dim. 2: A simplicial complex is a finite set of simplices with the following properties: (1) The intersection of two respective simplices is either empty or a face of both simplices, (2) with every simplex each of its faces is also defined. 38 Chat~ter3. Abstraction from the Soatial Reoresentation Fig. 4 shows an example of a simplicial complex. Fig. 4 Example of a simplir complex A simplicial 3-complex is a set of connected 3-simplices.

1984). An overview of methods for the conversion between 3D-representations is given by (REQUICHA and VOELCKER 1983). 3 gives an actualized version with completions by (WEICK 1988) and (MA2qTY'LA 1988). 32 Chaoter 2. =. I, r#2 Sweep Repr. Cell Decompos. ;. 'i! e. to the conversion of the representation listed in the left column to those listed in the head line of the table. Unknown or at best known for limited application fields are the conversions to the sweep representation. Cell decompositions can be seen as a limited version of CSG, but algorithms for the generation of general CSG from cell decompositions are not known to the author.

1 shows a classification of spatial operations and gives the most important examples, without a claim on completeness. 1. As we will see in the following,spatial operationsincludespatial relationships and spatial operators. 2. Let OrderRellay be the inverse relationship of OrderRel. RighlOf, for instance, is the inverse relationship of L,pOI. 42 Chaoter 4. A Modelfor the Integration o_fSaatlal lnformmi~n Type of the operation Binary spatial relationships: geo x geo --~ booi Spatial relationships: {geo} x {geo} ---) bool Topol~l Metrical Direction neighbourhood, intersection, equivalence, inclusion, exclusion.

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