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To indicate a HIGH, ground the cathode through a series resistor (about 470 ⍀ for a 5-volt power supply) and apply the logic level to the anode. To indicate a LOW, tie the anode to VCC through a series resistor and apply the logic level to the cathode. 10. Logic gates can be used to pass or block digital signals. For example, an AND gate will pass a digital signal applied to input B if the input A is HIGH (Y ϭ B). If input A is LOW, the signal is blocked and the gate output is always LOW (Y ϭ 0).

These devices all have the same logic function, but different electrical characteristics. 22 lists several logic functions available in the high-speed CMOS family. These devices all have the same electrical characteristics, but different logic functions. 22 Part Numbers for Different Functions within a Logic Family (High-Speed CMOS) Part Number Function 74HC00 74HC02 74HC04 74HC08 74HC32 74HC86 Quadruple 2-input NAND Quadruple 2-input NOR Hex inverter Quadruple 2-input AND Quadruple 2-input OR Quadruple 2-input XOR Until recently, the most common way to package logic gates has been in a plastic or ceramic dual in-line package, or DIP, which has two parallel rows of pins.

Y ϭ A ϩ B) NAND: Y is LOW if A AND B are HIGH. (Y ϭ ෆෆи A ෆෆB ෆ) NOR: Y is LOW if A OR B is HIGH. (Y ϭ ෆෆϩ A ෆෆB ෆ) XOR: Y is HIGH if A OR B is HIGH, but not if both are HIGH. (Y ϭ A ᮍ B) XNOR: Y is LOW if A OR B is HIGH, but not if both are HIGH. (Y ϭ ෆෆᮍ A ෆෆB ෆ) 5. The function of a logic gate can be represented by a truth table, a list of all possible inputs in binary order and the output corresponding to each input state. 6. DeMorgan’s theorems (A ෆෆиෆ ෆB ෆ ϭෆ Aϩෆ B and ෆෆϩ A ෆ ෆB ෆ ϭෆ Aиෆ B) allow us to represent any gate in an AND form and an OR form.

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